Corporate Wellness Program Ayurveda

Healthier People, Active Workforce, Productive Workplaces

Corporate Wellness Program Ayurveda

Rabbit and tortoise!!

The famous story and almost every one of us are aware about this story of childhood. Moral of the story was- “Slow and steady wins the race”.

This slow and steady was a truth of the era, when apples, berries, cherries, chilies were edible, not consumable! Era has changed so is the proverb- fast and steady wins the race!

Every employer is looking for rabbits, the most active, good looking, lovable and quick enough to tunnel the toughest conditions. But generally these rabbits fall asleep. These are your rabbits, which fall asleep & let tortoises win.

So here we have something to keep your rabbits fresh and quick to not let the tortoises win!!

  • Reduce individual health risks.
  • Reduce use of health benefits/ Medical Claims
  • Restrains health care cost
  • Improves organizational culture
  • Reduces employee stress
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce sick leaves
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced presenteeism
  • Reduce worker’s compensation
  • Improve recruitment
  • Help to retain healthier employee
  1. Corporate Wellness Program- Health Seminar – 45 Minutes (1 Seminar).
  2. Yoga & Mediation Workshop – We will provide a yoga session for 45 Minutes each in group. (2 sessions).
  3. Deep Healing program for stress management – 30 Minutes (2 sessions)
  4. Consultation/ Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha) for all employees of the company in the company premises.
  5. Rejuvenation Program – Special discount of 25% on all Panchkarma therapies at Deep Ayurveda’s center for all of your company’s employees.
  6. Free consultation at all our Ayurvedic Clinics & Hospitals by Ayurveda experts Doctor’s team.
  1. Conference hall for Seminar
  2. Audio/Visual System
  3. Sitting arrangement for doctor’s team & audience
  4. Open space for Yoga & Meditation Session
  5. Arrangements for Nadi Prikshan/Pulse Diagnosis (4 Chairs & 2 Tables)
  1. Medical Director & Chief Ayurveda Consultant of Deep Ayurveda for Corporate Wellness Program
  2. Expert doctors for nadi Parikshan/Pulse diagnosis in every Corporate Wellness Program
  3. Renowned Meditation Practitioner & Holistic Healer for deep healing.
  4. Renowned Yoga Expert for Yoga Session in Corporate Wellness Program
  5. Paramedical staff for assist Corporate Wellness Program

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