Anti-Blemish Treatment

Anti-Blemish Treatment

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Anti-Blemish Pack is a complete herbal solution to all your Skin blemish problems. It is a 100% safe ayurvedic formulation developed after lengthy clinical research and trials.


Anti-Blemish Treatment- A blemish is described as a discolored area or mark on the skin caused by the outbreak of acne. There are some blemishes that people are born with, like birthmarks or port-wine stains. Various other forms of blemishes are caused either due to environmental changes, hormonal changes or due to some medications. A blemish can also occur due to the usage of certain cosmetic products on your skin, as a person gets old age spots start appearing on the skin. Blemishes can appear in various size, some of them can be large covering a large part of the skin. Both men and women can be affected by skin blemishes. Women are more prone to skin blemishes as women body goes through more hormonal changes.

Symptoms of Skin Blemishes:

Elevations and bumps filled with pus appear on the facial area

Stretched painful pustules.

During winters or springtime skin discoloration occurs.

Dark or brown patches on the skin

Certain spots, roughness of skin and change in texture of skin

Itching or dryness on the area affected by the blemish.

Causes of Skin Blemishes

There are various causes of skin blemishes, but the most common are due to the activity of the hormones in the body. An excess amount of certain hormones cause the stimulation of glands and produce an excess of oil. When this excess oil mixes up with the skin cells, it causes the blockage of the pores of the skin. When the skin pores are not cleaned properly, it leads to the growth of bacteria within the pores.

Various other causes of skin blemishes are as below.

Age: As a person gets old, several changes go throughout the human body, which may affect the overall functioning of some organs of the body. People notice darkening or spots on the skin.

Exposure to Sun: Exposure to the sun for a longer period leads to the production of melanin in the body, melanin is the primary hormone responsible for darkening of the skin.

Use of Cosmetics: Use of cosmetic products can block the pores of skin leading to marks or discoloration of the skin.

According to Ayurveda, the Anti-Blemish Treatment focuses on maintaining the balance between the dhatus, muscles, tissues, and blood and gives permanent relief from skin blemishes.

At DEEP AYURVEDA we provide the best Anti-Blemish Treatment in a natural way without any side effects. Our Medical Expert Dr. Baldeep Kaur has developed 100% safe Ayurvedic Medicines to cure skin blemishes after lengthy clinical trials and research works.

 This Anti-Blemish Treatment package is for 15 days only , After 15 days our ayurveda expert will review the case and prescribe the further treatment accordingly.
Medicine Name Dosage After/before food
Livclear Herbal Capsules  2 capsules twice a day A/F
Virog Herbal Powder 3 to 5gm twice a day A/F
Mahamanjisthadi kwath 30 ml with equal water twice a day A/F
Neem Herbal Capsule
1 capsule twice a day after food with water A/F

Note: Instructions for Diet, Restrictions, method of use and precautions will be given along with Anti-Blemish treatment pack.

Anti-Blemish Treatment medicine are  100 % herbal & safe as they do not contain any chemicals, steroids, do not have any side effects. All products and medicines are GMP Certified, USFDA Certified and Sponsored by the Govt. Of India (KVIC SPONSORED).

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  1. Namrata Saini

    Its very effective medicine without any side effect.

  2. sunita aggarwal

    mujhe 2 saal se blemish ki problem thi,meine ye medicine khana start kiya, bahut hi effective medicine hai

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