Arjun Heart Care Capsule

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Arjun Heart Care Capsule

Arjun Heart Care Capsule

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Arjun Heart Care Capsule – Very effective natural remedy  for heart related disorders..


Arjun Heart Care Capsule: Arjun is one of the most famous herbs known today. It has many effective medicinal uses especially for the heart and circulatory system. Arjun is one of the most religious and scared trees. The reddish bark of the plant is the main useful part. It is an effective remedy against palpitations, heart blockage, blood pressure control, high cholesterol & cardiac problems.

Each 500mg Capsule contains herb extract:

Arjun(Terminalia arjuna)

Ayurvedic properties of Arjun:-

Rasa- Kashaya                     Guna- Laghu, Ruksha                 Veerya-Sheet           Vipaka-Katu

Effect on doshas –  It balances Pitta and kapha doshas.

Chemical constituent and uses of Arjun:-

Arjun contains Arjunic acid, Tannins, Arjunones, Arjunetin, Arjunolic acid, Betullinic acid, ellagic acids, 1&2 Arjunic.


  • Arjun has an astringent effect which acts to detoxify the blood.
  • The general cleansing effect of this herb helps to cleanse urinary infection like UTI.
  • In a female, it can be used to support the uterus and regulate the hormone cycle. It is given in all kinds of hormonal imbalance, fibroids, cysts, endometriosn, etc. It can help to relieve excess bleeding in menorrhagia.
  • Arjun has an effective balancing effect on the kapha and pitta doshas of the body. In this way, it helps to heal wounds and ulceration.
  • Being cardio tonic Arjuna helps to improve energy levels in the body and stimulates the stamina so that people can work in a better way without feeling stressed and fatigue.
  • Arjun has also known as a cholesterol reducing herb. It helps to control the blood chloesterol level and can be good for people having artherosclerosis in which cholestrol plaque block arteries at one or multiple sites.
  • Arjun has therapeutic effects on the respiratory system also. It helps to keep the airway clear and support to fight against serious lungs illness.

Indication of Arjun Heart Care Capsule:-

For heart- related disorders. An effective remedy against palpitations, heart blockage,

blood pressure control, high cholesterol & cardiac problems.

Adverse effect-

Not found in a clinical trial.May safely be continued for a longer period.


1 to 2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Presentation :-

Available in 40 Nos. Capsule pack.

OUR Product USP:

In our formulation, we used herbs extracts in appropriate quantity which is mentioned on lable.

  • No added synthetic color.
  • No added artificial flavoring agents.
  • GMP Certified Unit
  • Product is manufactured in KVIC sponsored  Unit (Govt of India)

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anil Kumar

    I was suffering heart related issues, Doctor recommended me arjun capsule along with other medication. Now I am using arjun capsule since 8 month and feeling very much better.. thanks deep ayurveda

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