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Cleansing Packages

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Panchkarma Cleansing Packages Includes: (Abhyangam+ Steam + Bath+ Virechan Karam+ Dumpan)

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Panchkarma Cleansing Packages Includes: (Abhyangam+ Steam + Bath+ Virechan Karam+ Dumpan)

This Panchkarma Cleansing program specially designed for those individuals  who are suffering with Obesity, high cholesterol, Fatty Liver, Alcoholic liver, Skin Diseases , Sexual weakness, Infertility and to remove diseases -causing toxins from the body and detox the liver & colon detox  to balancing the doshas (energies that govern all functionality of the body).


  • Very effective therapy to flush out all toxins from the body.
  • Very beneficial therapy to rejuvenate the tissues and strengthens the body.
  • Very effective treatment for liver disorder, Digestive disorder, Hyper acidity and constipation.
  • Also very effective in skin disorders like psoriasis, Vitiligo, Herpes, Paraplegia and Hemiplegia etc.
  • It is very beneficial to increase the sexual stamina and libido.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

1 review for Cleansing Packages

  1. Dinesh Sharda

    I was suffering from Psoriasis from last 2 years which made me loose all my confidence. Tried all possible solutions but all get wasted – money, time, effort. But after the detoxification procedure along with few herbal medicines, Today I am fully alright. I can visit any place with full confidence. Can face mirror. Thanks to Dr. Baldeep from my heart.

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