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Heart Care Tea

Heart Care Tea

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Heart Care Herbal Tea – Heart Rejuvenating Herbal Formula, purely a herbal formulation & a natural heart tonic, reduces stress, anxiety & rejuvenates the heart functioning, maintains BP…


Heart Care Tea is a herbal formulation & a natural heart tonic. Reduces stress, anxiety & rejuvenates the heart functioning. It maintains blood pressure & cholesterol level in the body. It also supports healthy liver & functioning of other body organs. It is an effective herbal tea for body detoxification.

Composition of Heart Care Tea :-

Arjun chaal  (Terminalia arjuna) 65gm

Dalchini( Cinnamomum verum)15 gm

Gulaab pushp (Rosa centifolia)10 gm

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 5 gm

Elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum) 5 gm

 Ayurvedic properties of herbs:-

Arjun – Rasa-Kashaya          Guna-Laghu, Ruksha           Veerya-Sheeta              Vipaka-Katu

Effect on doshas-It balances Pitta and kapha doshas.

Dalchini- Rasa-Katu            Guna-Laghu, Ruksha            Veerya-Ushna               Vipaka-Katu

Effect on doshas-It balances all doshas.

Gulaab pushp-Rasa-Tikta     Guna-Laghu ,Ruksha           Veerya-Sheeta             Vipaka-Madhura

Effect on doshas-It is tridoshashara.

Liquorice -Rasa-Madhura       Guna-Guru, Snigdha           Veerya-Sheeta             Vipaka-Madhura

Effect on doshas-It is vata and pitta har.

Elachi– Rasa-Madhura                Guna-Laghu                         Veerya-Sheeta                 Vipaka-Madhura

Effect on doshas-It balances vata and kapha doshas.

Chemical constituent and uses of herbs

Arjun:-It contains arjunic acid ,tannins ,arjunones ,arjunetin ,arjunolic acid ,Betullinic acid ,ellagic acids, 1 & 2 arjunic.


1.Arjun has an astringent effect which acts to detoxify the blood.

2.This herb has a general cleansing effect which helps to cleanse urinary tract infections.

  1. To being cardiac tonic, Arjun helps to improve energy levels in the body and stimulants the stamina so that people can work in a better way without feeling stressed and fatigue.

Dalchini- It contains eugenol, linalool, methyl, amyl ketones, cinnamyl alcohol.


1.It has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

2.It is used to treat digestive and respiratory ailments.

  1. It stimulates hair growth.

Gulab Pushp:-It contains saponin ,volatile oil ie; (citronellol ,geraniol ,nerol ,phenyl ethanol ) tannins ,quercetin, vitamin C, malic acid ,citric acid.


1. It is used to treat gastritis and duodenol ulcers.

2. It is used to treat constipation.

3. Herbal tea prepared using rose petals is consumed to treat acidity, burning sensation in the body and  dryness of the oral cavity and effective against infection in the intestine.

  Liquorice-It contains glycyrrhizin, flavanoids, i.e., ( liquertin and isoliquertin ), coumarins, sterols, Panthothenic acids essential oils.


1.It is used to treat digestive and intestine problems such as  dyspepsia, gastric ulcers, indigestion.

2.It relieves acidity and constipation and also helps in weight loss.

3.It has expectorant properties, so its relieve in asthma and difficulties in breathing.

Elachi– It contains essential oil, cineol, terpineol, and terpinyl-acetate, beta-phellandrine.


  1. A Stimulant and Carminative, It is used for indigestion and flatulence.

2. It is used to cure obesity.

3. It is used in inflammation of eyelids and also digestive disorders.It is used to treat infections in teeth and gums.

  Indication of Heart Care Tea:-

A herbal formulation and natural heart tonic, reduce stress, anxiety and rejuvenates the heart functioning, maintains BP and cholestrol level in the body, also supports healthy liver and functioning of other body organs.

Adverse effect –

Not found in a clinical trial.May safely be continued for a longer period.


To be consumed as directed by the physician.


Available in 100 & 200 gm pack.

OUR Product USP:

In our formulation, we used herbs extracts in appropriate quantity which is mentioned on lable.

  • Formulated by the Renowned Ayurvedic Doctor
  • No added synthetic color.
  • No added artificial flavoring agents.
  • GMP Certified Unit
  • Product is manufactured in KVIC sponsored  Unit (Govt of India)


Additional information

Weight 150 g

2 reviews for Heart Care Tea

  1. Pawan Bansal

    Due to the problem of Seizures last year, my allopathic medication started at a good hospital. The medication continued for almost half a year. But slowly my weight start increasing & the problem of palpitation & memory loss started. I got addicted to the medicine. But thanks to Heart care tea. It is not just awesome in taste but also helped me a lot by solving the palpitation problem. Even I have started feeling more calm & relaxed now.

  2. Rajesh Kumar

    This tea is really very wonderful result. We buy it from chandigarh trade fair in October month and regular using. We feeling very energetic and stress free after using this tea. i strongly recommended for everyone..

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