Livclear Herbal Syrup Pack of 3 Bottles Each 200ml

Ayurvedic Liver Tonic

Livclear Herbal Syrup Pack of 3 Bottles Each 200ml

Livclear Herbal Syrup  is purely a herbal formulation with no side effects is purely a herbal formulation with no side effects


Livclear Herbal Syrup- Ayurvedic Liver Tonic is purely a herbal formulation with no side effects, Formulated after a long clinical trial and researched by using only authenticated and ancient herbs by Deep Ayurveda doctor’s team headed by Dr Baldeep  Kour.  Livclear Herbal Syrup is a highly effective ayurvedic medicine used in various type of Liver Disorders like alcoholic liver disease, enlarge and fatty liver, high cholesterol levels, constipation, skin diseases and  digestion related issues etc.

It stimulates appetite, Restores liver function, Speed up the recovery of hepatic cells. It ensures the protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage in chronic alcoholism, and prevents fatty infiltration of the liver.

Livclear Herbal Syrup is an ayurvedic liver tonic that helps restores the effectiveness of the liver, protect the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane and ensures early restoration of hepatic role  in ineffective hepatitis.

Ingredients in Livclear Syrup : Bhumi Amla, Katuki, Kalmegh, Makoy, Punarnava, Kasni, Sharpunkha, Bhringraj and Neem.

BENEFITS OF Livclear Herbal Syrup :

  1. Improves the functional effectiveness of the liver.
  2. Detoxification and protection from the harmful food and medication toxins.
  3. Help in the prevention and treatment of:- Alcoholic liver,Viral hepatitis, Pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis Protein energy malnutrition, Less appetite, liver damage due to Radiation and chemotherapy-induced .In pre-cirrhotic conditions, Livclear Herbal Syrup control the progress of the disease and protect further liver damage. Protects hepatic parenchyma against toxins and Promotes regeneration of Liver Cells.


The liver is a unique organ in body it can strengthen itself. However when the damage is severe, scar tissue is formed causing cirrhosis at which point, the liver is unable to function effectively. Liver damage can be caused by excess alcohol, viral hepatitis, medications specially hepato-toxic medicines.

Livclear Herbal Syrup helps to flush out toxins from the alcohol consumption as well as drugs and food. By removing the damaging agent , Livclear Herbal Syrup allows the liver to substitute damaged tissue and regenerate itself. Livclear Herbal Syrup also improves the much digestion (appetite suppression is another effect of hepatitis and liver damage) as it basically causes food to get absorbed and digest more proficiently.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM TAKING Livclear Herbal Syrup ? :

An Ayurvedic liver tonic as it is beneficial for people who drink alcohol and are on medications, as it helps to maintain liver health and heal any damage. It helps in increasing metabolism and the appetite. It can also be taken as a common diet supplement by all peoples because it detoxifies the liver, promotes strength and helps in maintaining the good health.

Dosage: 1 to 2 TSP twice a day after food with normal water or as directed by the ayurvedic Consultant.

About Packing:  200ml each in a Bottle.

World wide delivery through courier fedex and Blue Dart.

Warning : Self medication is very dangerous for health, Always take ayurvedic medicine under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic consultant.

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