Vigora-M Herbal Oil

Vigora-M Herbal Oil
Vigora-M Herbal Oil

Vigora-M Herbal Oil

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Vigora-M Herbal Oil is very useful to increase the muscles strength and improve blood supply to the organ. It is helpful in sexual dysfunctions like ED as well by improving the the strength and shape of the penis.


Vigora-M Herbal oil is a complete herbal Treatment for male sexual problem like premature ejaculation, sexual stamina, Impotency, Lack of libido and low sperm count. It is very useful to increases the muscles strength and improve blood supply to the organ.

Composition & Ayurvedic Properties of Vigora-M Herbal oil :

Each 5 ml oil contains herbs extract:


Rasa:-Tikta                    Guna:-Laghu ,Snighda                   Veerya:-Ushna                Vipaka:-Madhura

Effect on doshas:-It is Kapha vata shamak.


Rasa:-Madhura             Guna:-Guru ,Snighda                     Veerya:-Sheeta                 Vipaka:-Madhura

Effect on doshas:-It balances vata and pitta doshas.


Rasa:-Madhura             Guna:-Guru ,Snighda                   Veerya:-Sheeta              Vipaka:-Madhu

Effect on doshas:-It balances vata and pitta doshas


Rasa-Madhura                 Guna- Laghu                     Veerya-Sheeta                   Vipaka- Madhura

Effect on doshas- It balances Pitta & Kapha doshas.


Rasa-Katu                  Guna-Ruksha                    Veerya-Ushna                    Vipaka-Katu

Effect on doshas- It pacifies vatta and kapha doshas.

 Rakta Chandan

Rasa-Tikta               Guna-Guru             Veerya-Sita                 Vipaka-Katu

Effect on doshas-It balances Kapha & Pitta doshas.


Rasa-Katu, Kashaya        Guna-Guru, Snighda        Veeerya-sheeta      Vipaka- Madhura,

Effect on doshas: It balances all three doshas.


Rasa:-Tikta                       Guna:-Laghu                         Veerya:Sheeta                         Vipaka:-Katu

Effect on doshas:-It balances vata and kapha.


Rasa- Tikta                     Guna- Ruksha              Veerya- Ushna                            Vipaka- Katu

Effect on doshas- It balances vata and Kapha doshas.

Chemical constituent and uses of herbs:

Ashwagandha:-It contains alkaloids and steroidal lactones. These includes tropine and cuscohygrine ,withanolides ,withaferins A.

USES:-It is used as a nervine tonic.It is natural nutrients for insomnia. It gives strength and stamina.

Shatavari– It contain asparagine, ariginine, tyroseine, flavanoids like kampherol, quercetin and rutin.

Uses:  It is Aphordiasic in nature.

Bala – It contains ephedrine, Pseudophedrine, Phytosterol and alkaloids.

Uses: It is used to treat both male and female infertility. In males it increases sperm count and used to increase motility of sperms. In Ayurveda this herb is called vrishya i.e. Aphrodisiac. It is used to treat male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Anacyclus- It contains pyrethrin, alkyl amines, anacyclin, Hydrocarolin.

Uses: It works very effectively on the male reproductive system. It is very good for the body in improving the hormonal regulation of the male gonads and in stimulating the secretions of these organs.

Rakta chandan– It contains phenol saponins, glycosides, flavanoids, titerpenoids.

Uses: It reduces the burning sensation, arrests bleeding, alleviates edema and ameliorates various skin disorders, hence, is an effective external application as a paste, in burning sensation, headache, dermatoses and ophthalcopathies.

.Neem:-It contains nimbin ,nimbinene ,6-desacetyllini mbinene ,nimbandiol ,quercetin ,tannins.

Uses: Neem tree used as anthelmintic, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive and sedative.

Javitri:-It contains myristicin , dihydro-disoeugenol, cyanadin ,trimyristin, ligans.

USES:-It is aphordiasic in nature .It improve strength and immunity .It is also useful in convulsions ,epilepsy , It also improve digestive system.

Devdaru: It contains himachalol,  cedreine and sesqueterpine.

Uses: It is aphordiasic in nature.

Indication of Vigora-M Herbal Oil:-

For increased sexual stamina, imptency, lack of libido &  premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction.

Adverse effect:-

Not found in clinical trial. May safely be continued for a longer period.

Presentation :-

Available in 30 ml pack.

OUR Product USP:

In our formulation, we used herbs extracts in appropriate quantity which is mentioned on lable.

  • No added synthetic color.
  • No added artificial flavoring agents.
  • GMP Certified Unit
  • Product is manufactured in KVIC sponsored  Unit (Govt of India)


2 reviews for Vigora-M Herbal Oil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mukesh kumar

    Very effective oil.

  2. Balasundram

    i recommend this oil to every one as i am using it since last one year and it really work.. earlier i tried so many ayurvedic oil but all are fake.. thanks to team deep ayurveda.

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