Weight Loss Herbal Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

Weight Loss Herbal Treatment


Weight Loss Treatment Pack is a complete herbal solution to obesity and overweight problems. It is a 100% safe ayurvedic formulation developed after lengthy clinical research and trials.

Product Description

Weight Loss Herbal Treatment- Definition of obesity varies depending on the perspective of the person. Overweight and obesity indicate a situation where a person’s weight is greater than his body’s healthy weight. It is a chronic condition defined by build up of an excess amount of body fat. A certain degree of body fat is necessary for storing energy, heat insulation shock absorption, providing lubrication to joints and other functions. Being one of the biggest concerns in all the age groups today. Overweight decreases health, from reproductive and respiratory function to memory and mood. Today every 4 people out 10 people are suffering from obesity or overweight problems.

Causes of Obesity:

Unhealthy Dietary Habits.

Excess intake of Alcohols.

Lack of Physical Activity

Hormonal or genetic problem

Certain Medications

Higher intake of sugary foods

Weak immune system & metabolism

Lack of sleep


Complications: An obese or overweight person is at a higher risk of developing severe health conditions mentioned as below.

Coronary heart disease

High blood pressure


Type 2 diabetes


Sleep apnea



Infertility or irregular periods

Ayurveda describes obesity as Medha rog. The overweight problem can be due to an actual increase in the fat component (Meda Dhatu), or malfunctioning can cause it. According to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of seven dhatus Rasa, Rakta, Maans, Medha, Asthi, Majja, and Shukra.

People who are obese or overweight have excessively nourished Medha, and the remaining dhatus get malnourished, Kapha gets accumulated in between resulting in metabolism getting hampers and causing obesity.

At DEEP AYURVEDA we provide the best herbal medicine for Weight Loss Treatment in a natural way without any side effects. Our Medical Expert Dr. Baldeep Kaur has developed 100% safe Ayurvedic Medicines to cure obesity after lengthy clinical trials and research works.

This Weight Loss Treatment package is for One month only , After one month our ayurveda expert will review the case and prescribe the further treatment accordingly
Medicine Name Dosage Qty
Livclear Capsules – 40 Cap 2 capsules twice a day 3 Bottles
Obesit Capsules – 40 Cap 2 capsules twice a day 3 Bottles
Obesit Oil – 100 ml massage twice a day as directed on the packaging 2 Bottles
Herbal Powder – 100 Gms Take 1 tsp and make a decoction and take twice a day as directed on the packaging 2 Bottles
Garcinia Capsules – 40 Capsules 2 capsules twice a day 3 Bottles

Note: Instructions for Diet, Restrictions , method of use and precautions are mentioned on the packaging.

All Herbal medicines for Weight Loss Treatment are 100 % safe as they do not contain any chemicals, steroids, do not have any side effects. All products and medicines are GMP Certified, USFDA Certified and Sponsored by the Govt. Of India (KVIC SPONSORED).


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